What We Do

1. Fellowship: Monthly potluck dinners are held after meeting for worship with attention to business.

2. First Day School for children is held on the first and third Sundays of each month from 10:00-11:00am

3. Eyes Wide Open: We have been the State coordinator of the American Friends Service Committee exhibition “Eyes Wide Open”. This exhibition of boots and civilian shoes is a memorial to those who have lost their lives and a witness to our belief that no war can justify its human cost. Since 2007 the boots have been displayed at major cities throughout the State.

4. Incarceration: Our meeting has undertaken a public education campaign to promote awareness of Oklahoma’s incarceration policies. Oklahoma incarcerates more women than any other state in the union – twice the national average. We rank third in the incarceration of men. The impact this practice has on the children of incarcerated parents is tragic. We have provided informational displays at University of Oklahoma football games and have given presentations to church groups and various other public venues. Our meeting conducted workshops on incarceration for the Arkansas-Oklahoma Winter Quarterly Meeting, South Central Yearly Meeting, and at Friends General Conference “Gatherings” in Grinnell Iowa, and at the University of Rhode Island. Future efforts by our Meeting on this topic are being planned and overseen by a committee.

5. Animal shelter: Meeting members volunteer at the Norman Animal Shelter and through the efforts of the new volunteer group FAN (Friends of the Animals of Norman) are exploring ways to improve the lot of dogs, cats, and other pets here in Norman.

6. Prayers for Peace: On two different occasions we invited religious groups in Norman to participate in an Evening of Prayers. Representatives from participating groups offered Prayers for Peace, creating a deeply moving evening with their presentations.

7. Environmental: We set up a Quaker Earthcare Witness table and display at past Oklahoma Sustainability Conferences.

Norman Quaker Meeting